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          Car Rental Sacramento Airport

          Sacramento International airport is one of the busiest airports in Sacramento County, California. Located about 10 miles to the northwest of downtown Sacramento, the airport gets most of its airline passengers from Southwest Airlines. So, if you’re boarding South West Airlines, chances are high that you will be landing at Sacramento’s largest airport.

          Sacramento is classy indeed, complete with a resting area so you don’t have to circle endlessly as you wait to board your flight or to be picked by a friend. There are plenty of parking spaces for travelers and shopping, dining, and other services are accomplished with great convenience.

          Renting a car at Sacramento International Airport

          As soon as you touch down at the airport, you’ll need some form of transportation. There are plenty of options. For example, you can catch a public bus connecting to Davis, Woodland, and beyond. There are also several taxi operators working onsite waiting to take you anywhere. Then there are shuttles, vans, and sedans always waiting on standby. Car rentals, however, remain your best option especially if you’re not a large group of travelers.

          All rental car companies at the airport operate from either of two rental car terminal; Terminal A and Terminal B. Sacramento has an on-airport shuttle that serves these terminals. It transports travelers to the stopping terminals arriving after every ten minutes. F course, you can expect longer wait hours during peak hours that is 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. to midnight.

          The on-airport shuttle serves all rental car agencies working on-airport.

          On-airport agencies

          There are a total of seven rental car agencies that work on-airport. These are Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National.

          It is also worth mentioning that four of the seven on-airport rental car providers offer services for people with disability. These are Avis, Budget, Hertz, and National. You will be required to make a reservation for such kind of transportation at least 48 hours to 72 hours in advance.

          Off-airport agencies

          These are several off-airport rental car agencies, four of which are allowed by the airport management to pick travelers from any of the two rental car terminals. The four are Advance Rent a Car, Dollar Rent a Car, Payless Car Rental, and Thrifty.

          Remember to arrange with your preferred agency in advance to avoid last minute complications.

          Airport Data for SMF
          Transportation from SMF
          Parking Information

          Identification Codes:

          • IATA: SMF
          • ICAO: KSMF

          Distance from SMF to:

          • Sacramento city center – 12 miles (19 km)
          • Oakland – 91 miles (146 km)
          • San Francisco – 92 miles (148 km)
          • Reno – 139 miles (223 km)
          • Carson City – 141 miles (227 km)

          Nearest Major Airports:

          • Oakland Airport – 96 miles (154 km)
          • San Francisco Airport – 103 miles (166 km)
          • Reno Airport – 144 miles (231 km)
          • Fresno Airport – 186 miles (300 km)

          Sacramento Time Zone:

          • 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT – 8:00)

          Hotels near SMF:

          • There is one hotel in the Sacramento Airport complex

          Facts about SMF:

          • Sacramento Airport has about 10 million annual passengers
          • There are 2 runways at SMF
          • Had its first international arrival in 2002 from Guadalajara

          Car Rental at Sacramento Airport:

          • There are car rental 7 companies at Sacramento airport
          • Car hire kiosks are located at the rental car terminal
          • There is a free shuttle to the rental car terminal
          • Car hire prices vary depending on the season

          Sacramento City Bus:

          • Use the Yolo County Bus System
          • There is a normal bus and an express bus
          • Normal bus fare = 2.00 USD
          • Express bus fare = 3.00 USD

          Taxi Service:

          • Taxi service can be found outside of baggage claim
          • The price to the Sacramento center is about 27.00 USD
          • Taxis run 24 hours a day
          • Seniors and military personnel can receive a 20% discount
          • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

          Short-Term Parking (Hourly):

          • Hourly lots are located near the terminals
          • Prices are shown for Terminals A and B respectively
          • 2.00 USD/30 minutes (both lots)
          • Maximum daily charge = 29.00 USD and 27.00 USD

          Short-Term Parking (Daily):

          • Daily lots are near the terminals
          • Prices are shown for Terminals A and B respectively
          • 2.00 USD/30 minutes (both lots)
          • Maximum daily charge = 15.00 USD and 13.00 USD

          Long-Term Parking:

          • Economy lots are farther away from the terminals
          • There is a free shuttle to the terminals
          • 2.00 USD/hour
          • Maximum daily charge = 9.00 USD
          • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

          *Prices, information and exchange rates are as of July 8, 2009