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          Car Rental Honolulu Airport

          The beauty of Honolulu is legendary and has landscape that is diverse though they are a challenge to explore as they are charming. The quality of the trip or holiday will depend on how much you want to explore

          On arrival at the Honolulu airport, getting a taxi is not as easy as in big cities like New York making car rental a better option. You can rent your car directly or get a package deal from car rentals in Honolulu airport. Rental from the airport are more costly though many believe that getting the rental from the airport is cheaper than going to Waikiki.

          The distances between the tourism sites are long and the tours and public schedules for transport are not always convenient and it is easier to have your own means of transport. International car rental agencies at the Honolulu airport give you a wide selection. This includes flight room car combo deals, corporate deals among other car choices. If the rental is long term, it will be cheaper. For those that are under 21 car rentals will not rent to you and a surcharge may be added to the car rental price as much as twenty five dollars daily for those between twenty one and twenty four years.

          One question you will have to answer is what kind of car you want as there are agencies that specialize in exotic and leisure cars such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and Mercedes. Some car rental companies rent out RVs and Volkswagen Campers.

          You should consider spending a little extra a four wheel car such as a SUV or jeep to help you explore Honolulu. An enclosed SUV is an ideal choice as it offers better protection from thieves and the elements.

          Another thing to bear in mind as you choose your car rental at the Honolulu airport is the fuel consumption. Remember they gas stations are rural and those that run them do not keep regular hours especially when fishing or surfing is good. At times it will be hard to find gas in the evenings so never let it go over half empty and ensure you fill it up well in advance. As navigation may be hard especially remembering the names of different streets, it will be ideal to choose a rental car with a GPS unit to ease movement.

          Picture Gallery of Honolulu Airport

          Car Rental In Honolulu Airport - honolulu airport
          honolulu airport
          Rent A Car In Honolulu Airport - honolulu airport exterior
          honolulu airport exterior
          Rental Car In Honolulu Airport - honolulu airport japanese garden
          honolulu airport japanese garden

          Airport Data for HNL
          Transportation from HNL
          Parking Information

          Identification Codes:

          • IATA: HNL
          • ICAO: PHNL

          Distance from HNL to:

          • Pearl City – 7 miles (12 km)
          • Honolulu city center – 9 miles (14 km)
          • Kaneohe – 15 miles (24 km)
          • Kailua – 17 miles (28 km)
          • Laie – 36 miles (58 km)

          Nearest Major Airports:

          • Kona International Airport – 163 miles (263 km)
          • Hilo International Airport – 209 miles (337 km)

          Honolulu Time Zone:

          • 10 Hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT – 10:00)

          Hotels near HNL:

          • There is one hotel within walking distance
          • There are many more in the city along the waterfront

          Facts about HNL:

          • It is the largest and the busiest airport in Hawaii
          • It has a capacity of handling over 21 million passengers annually
          • It was the first ever completely offshore runway
          • It boasts of a beautiful garden area for passengers

          Car Rental at Honolulu Airport:

          • 10 Car Rental agencies serve the airport, with 6 of them located in the airport
          • Car hire kiosks are located next to the baggage claim area
          • Most car rental services are available round the clock
          • Car hire rates are similar for each company
          • HNL also has motorcycle and bicycle rental facilities

          Honolulu City Bus:

          • The Bus route nos. 19, 20 and 31 serve the airport
          • The bus stop is located at the upper level of the airport
          • The Waikiki Airport Express is a shuttle service to hotels in Waikiki
          • Tickets cost 2.00 USD
          • Discounts for children and students

          Taxi Service:

          • A dispatcher is available to hail the taxis
          • Ride to Honolulu takes about 20 minutes
          • The ride to the city center costs about 35.00 – 40.00 USD
          • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

          AMPCO Inc. Parking:

          • First half hour: 1.00 USD
          • Each additional hour : 1.00 USD
          • Daily parking (24 hours) : 10.00 USD
          • Monthly parking (non-prorated) : 100.00 USD
          • 30 day maximum parking time
          • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

          *Prices, information and exchange rates are as of June 17, 2009