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          Car Rental Albuquerque Airport

          Nothing could be easier than renting a car at Albuquerque airport. With a wide selection of car rental companies to choose from, Albuquerque International Sunport, you are guaranteed to find the vehicle you need. Note that it is advisable to reserve a vehicle before your arrival to guarantee you get the car you want.

          Finding the car rental counters is relatively easy. Though they have moved and are now found at the Sunport Car Rental Center, the airport provides a shuttle service to take you from the terminal building to the rental center, where you can also find the pick-up and return lots.

          A shuttle leaves for the Sunport Car Rental Center every 5 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long. It leaves from right outside the first level of the terminal building, from the commercial lane. The buses used for the shuttle service are accessible to handicapped passengers and the service is free of charge.

          So, preferably, you should choose a rental company and make a reservation in advance, which can easily be done online. Subsequently, when you arrive at Albuquerque airport, make your way to the first-level exit of the terminal building, where you can jump on the shuttle bus, which will take you right to the Sunport Car Rental Center.

          Once there, proceed to the customer service counter of the car rental company you reserved the car from and go through the formalities. You can then pick your vehicle up from the ready lot.

          When leaving Albuquerque, simply return the vehicle to the Sunport Car Rental Center, complete any other necessary formalities and make your way to the shuttle bus, which will take you right to the airport’s terminal building.

          Car rental at Albuquerque airport couldn’t be easier, making it one less thing to worry about. Though vehicles are available for walk-in customers, the selection will be more varied if you reserve the vehicle beforehand. And that’s about the only thing you’ll have to do, because finding and getting to the Sunport Car Rental Center is easy, thanks to the shuttle service, and the return trip is just as simple. So, enjoy your trip to Albuquerque because car rental is one thing you won’t have to worry about.

          Picture Gallery of Albuquerque Airport

          Car Rental In Albuquerque Airport - albuquerque airport control tower
          albuquerque airport control tower
          Rent A Car In Albuquerque Airport - albuquerque airport from the outside
          albuquerque airport from the outside
          Rental Car In Albuquerque Airport - albuquerque airport interior
          albuquerque airport interior

          Airport Data for ABQ
          Transportation from ABQ
          Parking Information

          Identification Codes:

          • IATA: ABQ
          • ICAO: KABQ

          Distance from ABQ:

          • Albuquerque city center – 3 miles (5 km)
          • Santa Fe – 66 miles (107 km)
          • Roswell – 206 miles (332 km)
          • Silver City – 233 miles (375 km)
          • El Paso – 264 miles (425 km)

          Nearest Major Airports:

          • Santa Fe Airport – 49 miles (79 km)
          • Roswell Airport – 214 miles (344 km)
          • Silver City Airport – 182 miles (293 km)
          • El Paso Airport – 272 miles (438 km)

          Time Zone:

          • 6 hours behind Greenwich meantime (GMT – 6.00)

          Hotels near ABQ:

          • There are over 10 motels and hotels within 6 miles (10 km) of ABQ

          Facts about ABQ:

          • Originally constructed in 1929
          • Handled 6.5 million passengers in 2008
          • Is usually the main airport of Albuquerque and Santa Fe residents
          • Expanded its terminal in 1983 and again in 1996

          Car Rental at Albuquerque Airport:

          • There are 8 different car rental counters at Albuquerque Airport
          • The car hire kiosks are located in a nearby facility
          • Virtually all car rental kiosks are open 24 hours a day
          • Car Hire prices vary depending on company and time of day
          • Pick-up car rental cars in the parking garage near terminal 2

          Shuttle Service:

          • ABQ shuttles take you from the airport to anywhere in Albuquerque or Santa Fe
          • ABQ provides shuttle busses that come constantly throughout the day
          • Private and shared busses are provided

          Albuquerque City Bus:

          • Routes 50, 222, and 320 will all take you to and from the airport
          • Picks up passengers outside of terminal
          • Route 50 is a straight shot to Albuquerque city center
          • 222 and 320 have other stops
          • Fare = 2.00 USD

          Taxi Service:

          • Taxis arrive 24 hours a day outside the baggage claim area
          • All taxis and vans run on meters no flat rates
          • Should not cost more than 10.00 USD to get to Albuquerque’s city center
          • Cabs seat 5 people vans seat 7
          • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

          Short-Term Parking:

          • Located in Parking lot opposite the ABQ terminal
          • 0-30 minutes = 1.00 USD
          • 30-45 minutes = 2.00 USD
          • 45-60 minutes = 3.00 USD
          • 60-180 minutes = 4.00 USD
          • Maximum rate per day = 10.00 USD

          Long -Term Parking:

          • Located in in the Surface Lot
          • 0-30 minutes = 1.00 USD
          • 30 minutes – 24 hours = 6.00 USD
          • Maximum rate per day = 8.00 USD
          • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

          *Prices, information and exchange rates are as of June 25, 2009