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          Car Rental Portugal

          For the best selection and most reliable car rental in Portugal, look no further. We provide cheap rental cars and superior service to ensure great holidays. Decide on the ideal vehicle for your travel needs and have your reservation approved in just 2 minutes. We make it easy to get your car and start your Portuguese vacation.

          Geographical Information

          Car rental in Portugal lets you drive southwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal borders Spain in the east and north and the Atlantic Ocean in the south and west. Azores and Madeira are 2 Portuguese autonomous island chains in the North Atlantic Ocean. The topography of the mainland is divided by the Tagus River with mountains in the north and rolling plains in the south. Portugal is susceptible to earthquakes due of its location atop a continental plate subduction zone.

          The Best Places in Portugal

          Portugal is truly one of the best places to visit in all of Europe and with car rental from you can make sure you explore every corner. Northern Portugal is home to beautiful scenery and world famous wine. The city of Porto gives visitors a look into the past and offers a taste of the future. Tour ancient ruins, stroll around old town, shop at traditional markets or modern venues, view spectacular landscape, and toast a glass of the celebrated port wine collections.

          In central Portugal you can explore the unpolluted mountains and valleys. Go hiking, camping, fishing, swimming or even paragliding in this pristine natural environment. The surrounding historical villages will give you a true flavor of the rich culture that is present in Portugal today. Drive your rental car down from the mountains to the vast white sand coastline and swim in the inviting Atlantic Ocean.

          Take your rental car further south and explore the wonderful Lisbon area. The Portuguese capital city is rich with monuments, museums, breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and Tagus River, historic sports clubs, unbelievable food and an unbeatable atmosphere. Climb to the top of a bluff overlooking the ocean and watch a sunset you will never forget.

          Alentejo is the region south of Lisbon featuring beautiful beaches protected by high overhanging rock faces and endless fields of golden wheat. You will see how simple life can be as you visit quaint towns and villages known for excellent food, outstanding service and romantic atmospheres. The region also has remnants of the Roman empire that occupied the area centuries ago.

          Use your car rental to drive to the southernmost tip of Portugal you will discover the region of Algarve. The sea is calm, the water is warm, the cities are spectacular and the golf in the best in the country. Spend the entire day on the coast exploring caves and cliffs or travel inland to have a great time in a traditional village.

          Car Rental In Portugal - Belem Tower, a symbol of the Portuguese Age of Dis
          Belem Tower, a symbol of the Portuguese Age of Discovery
          Rent A Car In Portugal - Eduardo VII Park
          Eduardo VII Park
          Rental Car In Portugal - The Castle of Guimaraes
          The Castle of Guimaraes

          Quick Facts About Portugal

          • Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal
          • Elevation ranges from 0 m (Atlantic Ocean) to 2,351 m (Ponta do Pico)
          • The population is 10.7 million people
          • Portugal has 18 municipal districts and 2 autonomous island regions
          • The currency it the euro (EUR)
          • There are 82,900 km of roads to travel (90% paved)