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          Car Rental Germany

          Welcome to the best place for finding cheap and dependable rental cars in Germany. Take some time to review our huge selection of cars for hire to get the perfect one for you. We have anything you need to ensure the best possible holiday in Germany. Rent a car and tour the whole country at the pace you desire and with the freedom you deserve.


          There are a total of 9 countries and 2 seas that border Germany. The biggest border is shared with Austria and the smallest with Denmark. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea are connected by the 98 km Kiel Canal in the southern part of the Jutland Peninsula. The landscaped of Germany is gradually ascending from the lowland plains in the north to the central uplands and eventually the highlands of the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian border.

          Great Cities and the Autobahn

          The best part about your car rental in Germany is driving on the Autobahn. These are the most pristine roads in the world and the speeds are virtually unrestricted. The Autobahn links all of the major German cities so you will never have to travel long to your next destination.

          In Germany‚Äôs capital of Berlin you can see the lively political center and most populous city. There are great historical sites as well as modern buildings that make Berlin famous. Drive your rental car west and enter the metropolis cluster of Duisburg, Cologne, Dusseldorg, and Bonn. These cities are all located on the Rhine River and are within 100 km of each other. It may be difficult to see everything these cities have to offer but you can experience the great architecture, informative museums, modern skyscrapers, traditional food and of course great beer. Frankfurt in central Germany is a major economic hub for Europe. 中国福彩官方app下载安装 to the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is an important financial district. With car rental Munich you can tour Olympic Park, a beautiful old town and numerous buildings of contemporary architecture.

          Amazing Landmarks and Oktoberfest

          In the Bavarian Alps you can see the unbelievable Neuschwanstein Castle which is the most photographed building in Germany. The Black Forests in the southwest are a favorite getaway for great hiking and beautiful scenery. The northern coastline is the best place to be in the summer with wonderful beaches on the Baltic Sea and North Sea. For even more summer fun, get off the main land and spend some time on the Frisian Islands. Take a unique guided tour onto the seabed when the low tide carries the water out to sea.

          For the best cultural experience in Germany come to Munich in late September and early October for the 16 day Oktoberfest. You see traditional clothing, eat national German food and drink huge steins filled with tasty lager. There is much more to do than drink so bring the whole family for a great time.

          Car Rental In Germany - Potsdamer Platz
          Potsdamer Platz
          Rent A Car In Germany - The Reichstag in Berlin is the site of the German
          The Reichstag in Berlin is the site of the German parliament
          Rental Car In Germany - Frankfurt is a major financial centre
          Frankfurt is a major financial centre

          Biographical Information

          • The population of Germany is around 82 million people
          • The capital city is Berlin
          • Currency is the euro (EUR)
          • There are 16 municipal states in Germany
          • Drive on the 650,000 km of paved roads (Autobahn = 12,400 km)