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          Car Rental Cyprus

          You have come to the right place to find a dependable car rental Cyprus. We search through all the hire car companies to get you the best rate on a vehicle. Take some time to browse the list of available automobiles and choose the perfect car rental Cyprus.

          Arriving in Cyprus

          Larnaca International Airport is the biggest in Cyprus and serves over 5 million passengers annually. Other possible airports include Paphos International and Ercan International. You can pick-up your hire car from any of these locations to start your vacation. Easily drive your new hired car anywhere on the island in a matter of hours because there is not much land area. Although it is the third biggest island in Europe, the farthest distance between two points is only 240 km so hiring a car will be the best way to move around the island.

          Beach Time

          The coastland is by far the most enticing feature about Cyprus. They have amazing beaches that surround the entire island you can get to the beaches with your rental car. The only way to find the best beach is by driving near the coast until you are there. With a rented car it is easy to search the coast until you discover the perfect oasis. If you are feeling less adventurous, you can drive to the sandy spots in Kyrenia, Larnaca, Famagusta, Agia and Limassol. Driving your car rental Cyprus to these resorts you will be rewarded with warm water, clean sand, and unparalleled vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. Many of the tourist resorts offer patrons a private beach, but with a coastal length of 650 km, it will not be hard to share public areas.

          All the beach cities provide tourists with many opportunities for water sports. Go surfing, sailing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, waterskiing or anything else you can think of. Cyprus works hard to give tourist an enjoyable vacation to keep them coming back and the Cyprus car rental companies provide a great service. There are more things to do than you could ever pack into a vacation and that is just in the water.

          Inland Excitement

          With a Cyprus hire car you can visit the amazing coast land, but often tourists forget how incredible the rest of the landscape is. The southwest part of the island is home to the Troodos Mountains which is a great place to drive with a hire car. Explore the amazing slopes, visit small towns and discover the many monasteries tucked into the alpine terrain. Even if you really love the beach, you should experience the drive with your rental car for one day in the unique Troodos Mountains. The highest peak is just less than 2000 meters and serves as a ski resort in the winter. It is well within the realm of possibilities to go skiing on a morning in March and have a swim in the afternoon.

          Car Rental In Cyprus - Kourion Theatre outside the city of Limassol
          Kourion Theatre outside the city of Limassol
          Rent A Car In Cyprus - Modern Nicosia
          Modern Nicosia
          Rental Car In Cyprus - Pyrgos, a Greek Cypriot exclave on Morphou Bay
          Pyrgos, a Greek Cypriot exclave on Morphou Bay

          Cyprus Quick Facts

          • Cyprus population is about 800,000 people.
          • They receive about 2.5 million tourists each year.
          • Main languages are Greek, Turkish and English.
          • Cyprus is divided into two parts south Cyprus and the Turkish north.
          • The currency in the south is officially the euro (EUR).
          • Northern currency is the new Turkish lira (YTL).