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          US-RentACar Blog & News

          18th of December

          Introduces new Reservation System

          , one of the fastest growing online car rental reservation companies, is undertaking a new approach to increase their market share of rental car bookings. Starting December 16, 2009, the website unveiled the promise of no booking fees and no cancellation charges. is now offering its users to book a car rental without paying any money up front. In addition, there will no longer be fees for people that...

          10th of December

          The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Car Rental Industry

          A recent report published by EuroTest has shown the positives and negatives of the European car rental industry. 12 cities in 7 countries throughout Europe were chosen for the comprehensive study about the overall service that can be expected from the industry’s leading car rental suppliers as well as some smaller companies. The overall results showed that the level of consumer satisfaction is a combination of the customer service ...

          7th of December

          More Partner Locations Added in the USA

          In the ever competitive market of the car rental industry, we are always adding new partners to our search engine so that you, our customer, will have more choices and lower prices. The formula is simple, the more companies we have in a given location, the more cars we will have and the lower prices you will see. The biggest advantage you will get to our increased partner base are the cheaper prices. You can always expect the same high ...

          4th of December

          Revealing New Partners in Popular Locations

          In an effort to provide our customers with with best possible service, we have added many new partners in some of the most popular travel destinations throughout Europe. We already had partners serving these areas, but we now have more. This will provide many more choices for car rental in these locations and promote more competition to drive our prices down even lower. Take a look at some of the great European cities listed below...

          30th of November

          USA Car Rental Companies to Add an Extra Fee

          One of the newest ways that the car rental suppliers are planning to charge people is through the fee for a no show. Hotels and Airline companies have been practicing the charges for years now and it is likely to become common place in the USA car rental market. Although it is already being done in many European locations, the United States have not yet adapted the no show car rental fee. The reason that USA car rental companies have ...

          24th of November

          We Added all Partner Logos to the Website

          At , we want to make sure that all of our customers know exactly who they will be dealing with. Unlike other car rental websites, we publish the names and contact information of all our partners. At the bottom of each landing page, you will be able to see the names and logos of each company that serves the given city. Check out car rental Sofia for an example. We also put the names and logos next to the price that you see...

          23rd of November

          Christmas Car Rental Availability Won’t Last Long

          If you want to get a Christmas car rental this year, you are running out of time. A lot of places are totally booked already for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas car rental is a popular choice for a lot of tourists around the world because of the ski season and the low prices. Unlike the peak season in the summer, many of the car rental companies keep the prices low throughout the winter. That means you can get a Christmas car ren...

          16th of November

          Cheap Christmas Car Rental Season

          With the coming of the Christmas season, there are many opportunities for some really great holidays. Of course you can always get a car rental and drive to visit your family or you can pick up a car rental at the airport and drive to your destination, but maybe you should take this Christmas for just your family. Read on to learn about the best places to drive a car rental this Christmas if you like warm or cold weather activities. Go...

          9th of November

          Goes Social

          At , we are constantly trying to improve the process of getting a cheap car rental. One of your newest methods is reaching you through the increasingly popular social networks. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you are now able to find our company through these social mediums. We really want our customers to know what is happening with the company and one of the best ways is to track us through Twitter and Facebo...

          27th of October

          Christmas Car Rental Deals Ready for 2009

          With only two months to go until Christmas, the car rental companies are gearing up for the season with new deals and discounted prices. US_rentacar.com is the best place to find these Christmas deals because they are running special deals throughout the coming months and through the new year. The best part about Christmas car rental is the large variety of different locations to choose from. For fun in the sun, there are still some war...

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